Munito x Munita: “Because My Friends Love Me, I Now Have to Watch Umi ga Kikoeru”

Posted January 14, 2010 by mjsnoozer
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Umi ga Kikoeru

Finally, we get to see some waves

Whenever I watch something, my mind automatically process through all the tropes I know and try to conjure up possible scenarios I may face, and the ending that I might see.

However, this is not the case with Umi ga Kikoeru.

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Flirting Railgun: this is not my BiriBiri

Posted December 28, 2009 by mjsnoozer
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Mizoguchi Keiji's Icha Icha Railgun

Due to the C77 hype, I was craving for a A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN doujin. Therefore, I got this set of short stories from a recommendation.

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Komikon 09

Posted October 18, 2009 by mjsnoozer
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a part of the official poster, stolen from their official site haha

stolen a part of the official poster, stolen from their official site haha

I rarely go to local conventions, mainly because I hate the massive SQUASQUA attendance. Even “just standing by in a con”, I was  labeled,  as lolfanboy by a stupid host in a certain stupid webcast. Now, enough with the histories and to the topic: Komikon: 09.

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LaMB: Impressions

Posted March 24, 2009 by mjsnoozer
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Is this a Rei reference?

Is this a Rei reference?

I never really looked forward to watching LaMB on Animax, since Animax-Asia is good at advertising and fails at the output.

It reminded me of Animax hyped up advertising of Pupil’s so called animated Music video that turned out to be just a bunch of pictures swaying on the screen, with no fixed story whatsoever, and just the band members living out their so called fantasy, in short jerking off in 2D.

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Halfway through the CHUNKY fall season

Posted November 5, 2008 by mjsnoozer
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Crazy Shrine Maidens

Kannagi: Armpit Anime

I rarely watch new shows during starts of seasons, I was either doing a monthly rewatch or checking what good stuffs I’ve missed on previous ones. I usually let new shows sit for two or three episodes unless I’ve read/played/seen it and liked it. Also, for some reason, this season is a sequel season, a continuation of Fall 07 which was also a CHUNKY season. And here are my thoughts halfway through this CHUNKY season.

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The AutoRun Monster

Posted September 16, 2008 by mjsnoozer
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RAWR! I'm the AutoRun Monster

RAWR! I'm the Autorun Monster

Almost two months has passed, SUNRISE trolling fans, Anime Summer Season failing miserably, daily quality Family Musou games and the start of a new school term. And here I am blabbing about computers again.

Being a Computer Science Major, I know the computer inside out than most people. From using it, maintenance, troubleshooting and raeping it efficiently. (using its full capabilities without harming the system)

So, what’s the gist? What I’m LOL-ing about is, how people react when they see a Autorun.inf file and how they blame me and my flash drive because their PCs are infected. Read the rest of this post »


Posted July 17, 2008 by mjsnoozer
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Cast of ARIA

Cast of ARIA

With my midterm exams finished, I decided to reward myself with ARIA the ORIGINATION’s last three episodes which is also the end of the ARIA series. As my previous post stated, I was in an inner struggle whether to finish ARIA or not, but heck.. I’d rather see how everyhing turned out rather than just knowing that those three became Primas, and etc, etc, etc.

Now, I am really regretting not watching ARIA during its time. Because shows as good as this must be watched with a week in between. No particular reason at all, it’s just I want to feel the intensity of waiting for another good story the episode has to offer.

It’s been a while since I fanboyed over a particular series, and at least this time, I didn’t fanboyed it over skimpy outfits, hot girls, chichi, oppai, but instead I fanboyed it over the story and the show itself.

During my run of ARIA and all of its Iterations, a lot of things made me love the show. And here are some of them:

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