Hayate no Gotoku Episode 39

Being an epic episode having Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as its main anime reference, and having GAINAX helping Synergy SP with this episode, there are also plenty of things that are in this episode, especially the title designs around the stadium.

Edit: Haha, looks like I missed one title design. I added it at the end and I added the original logos for reference as well.

I’ve cut the page for it to be Third-World internet friendly. XD (Coz I use one myself)

Here’s a list of what they are, including the pictures.

On the Lower left, you’ll see a Revolutionary Girl Utena , Full Metal Panic! and one I don’t know (or forgot where it came from) which says “GoRiGoRi.

Here’s obviously Yu-Gi-Oh and the other one’s Sorcerer Hunters

Ok, that’s probably Gurren Lagann’s Epsiode Title Design and beside it is NANA

First one’s Sōsei no Aquarion, next is Yaiba then Revolutionary Girl Utena again.

The one on the far left looks familiar, but I can’t remember what is it. the one next from Bakuretsu Hunters is Ouran High School Host Club

The one behind Hinagiku is obviously Full Metal Panic! and Ranma 1/2

Here’s the one I missed, near Hayate says Daccann! which is obviously Baccano!

And here’s the original ones for reference:

Ranma 1/2

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Full Metal Panic!


Ouran High School Host Club

Sōsei no Aquarion


Bakuretsu Hunters
(I should crop the title, but damn… can’t waste fanservice)

I’m still missing two. If only Google can do similar image searching. I don’t know what anime titles are similar to gorigori(furikuri?) or masaen(no idea). I tried looking for it in Anime News Network Trivia Section but I ended up writing the trivia myself. XD

I actually know most of those designs, while I matched others through what’s written on them, like in the Utena poster where you can read Utenai, Aedarion, including the sword which is Aquarion, and the flowers and the “host” katakana for Ouran.

Any Ideas ’bout the other two? Comment!

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