Spring, Summer etc.

After days of worrying about my Class Cards, which I passed all of them. I can finally whore the internet anytime. But before that, I guess I should write a few things on what I was doing in the past few weeks.

As the earlier post said, I was stuck playing all of the Ace Attorney Games, aside from that, there’s a spin-off game featuring Miles Edgeworth that will be released sometime in the future.

School really wasn’t hectic this term, except that I spent more dilly-dallying than studying.

My PC was dead so was using teh slooooow laptop. even though Firefox 3 is not a whore anymore… Lappy is still sloooooow.

And I just finished most of my Spring offerings and and reviewed some series a few seasons back, and here are my thoughts. (really long lol)

Hayate no Gotoku

They picked a great story for the ender, rily. I love parody hunting and Hayate no Gotoku kept me busy during its run. They announced another season and probably 52 episodes more?

Wolf and Spice

An anime about merchants, yes MERCHANTS. I wasn’t interested in this at first since I liked the manga’s art better, though after watching succeding episodes I grew attached to the story and became interested in their way of life (since I really dig medieval stuff).


Two words: SCREW GONZO

Every time I watch an episode made me think if I should drop the series, but hey I always decide to stick longer and wait for Tsukune’s GAR mode (Vampire Form). But where’s Tsukune’s GAR Mode? None

Second season? not a chance. if it’s GONZO, its either 12 episodes + 1 concluding episode or 26 episodes. Luckily, Full Metal Panic! is picked up by KyoAni.

The story became panty driven. I just gave it justice since Nana Mizuki and Kugimiya Rie were there.


Well, they did do a great job putting CLANNAD into anime. evey arc is intense, rily. Fuko’s arc is still my favorite. I still felt the intensity even if its just 75% (yeah, I’m watching it in 4:3).

Nowadays, Key Fandom is becoming insanity. Lol rabid fanboys. It even infected KyoAni and became KYOUAni, plus they’re giving fanboys moar CLANNAD, (After Story). Though I really think they want to bitchslap TOEI Animation for doing a CLANNAD movie full of holes.

They Are my Noble Masters

hmm, how do I put it… It’s like a lite version of Hayate no Gotoku except this one sticks to its storyline. They do sport various references from time to time but it’s not as random as Hayate no Gotoku.

It looks uninteresting at first but the OP song kinda caught me. Lastly, Shinra is hot.

Shakugan no Shana Second

The Art’s better than it’s predecessor, seems like J.C. Staff gave it more budget than before. But it became so uninteresting and boring that I forgot that there is a Shakugan no Shana anime running that season. I just remembered it when it was like around episode 18. haha

Bamboo Blade

I forgot about this one too, it’s not that boring. I simply forgot about it. I remembered it when I read a post about an onsen episode which lasted for only a few seconds.

Great stuff, light comedy, and nice characters. Too bad it got a timeskip and left me with a lot of questions.


Animes about colleges are rare, and an agricultural college anime is even rarer.

This one is animated by Shirogumi, (which I don’t know what their other works are.. ANN lists none, prolly a studio specially made for Moyashimon) but, heck this turned out pretty good… the girls look damn fugly in the manga but they became hot in the anime and yeah.. traps are hot too.

oh well, traps…

Another thing is it’s kinda educational value about microbes. They do note some trivia from time to time and yeah it’s quite useful I say. They really made bacteria look cute (now I really don’t want to clean my room)

Hatenkou Yuugi

I have really no interest in the shoujo genre, but since this is another Journey-themed anime and I don’t have anything to watch except re-runs I watched this. What caught me is the characters, Rahzel, Alzeid and Baroqueheat, they are very interesting and there’s also hidden something that made me watch this. (reminds me of SHnY lol). put these aside and partly because Rahzel is MOE and she sports a different outfit each episode which is rare for anime.

Rahzel = MOE

The episodes are scrambled, the series is full of holes and the ending suggests another season, so I’ll stick with this a bit longer.

Summer offerings are maybe not strong (LOL GONZO) but I’m currently gearing up for it (Cleaning up the HDD, Archiving files, gathering links and resources) and here are things that I might follow:

I always grab a comedy or two every season and here are what I’m thinking of watching.


What is it? Boobs and fanservice

Why watch it? Boobs and fanservice

Worth watching? No, but since I’m such an ass I’ll watch it.


What is it? more Boobs and fanservice with lolis as well

Why watch it? Yabuki Kentaro’s art (teh Black Cat Guy)

Worth watching? No, but since I’m such an ass I’ll still be watch it.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

What is it? a catgirl, a loli, a lion, a jellyfish, a biological weapon and etc

Why watch it? Insanity

Worth watching? Dunno, but hell, since it’s comedy… who cares?

Kamen no Maid Guy

What is it? a manly maid

Why watch it? maids, boobs, and because it is MADHOUSE

Worth watching? Dunno, I haven’t watched it yet, but, I’ve seen the OP Animation

How about my thoughts on other stuff??

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

What is it? REVELION (watch the eyecatch carefully)

Why watch it? Kallen, Kallen, Kallen, Lelouch, C.C., Tables, did I say Kallen?

Worth watching? Dunno, how about you?


What is it? about a loli and her bodyguard and some other stuff I don’t know yet.

Why watch it? Dunno, I’m still lost

Worth watching? Yes, Even though I’m lost it’s quite interesting.


What is it? about a shop the cures addictiveness

Why watch it? Dunno, Yuuko.. I guess

Worth watching? Dunno, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is sooooo f*cked up right now. but since Production I.G. isolates xxxHolic it’s fine I guess.

Library War

What is it? defending the Library

Why watch it? Military?

Worth watching? Dunno, Haven’t caught a glimpse of it so I can’t give a judgement yet.

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