GANTZ Phase 2: A Very Long Night

I’m a fan of the GANTZ series, loved those service shots and its amount of gore… plus, it’s kinda fun hunting monsters every night with a powered-up suit with a neat set of weaponry and vehicles. It’s like playing a video game in insane mode, with one life.

Well, I’m not going into more details about GANTZ since It’s not really the main point of this post.

I think I started reading GANTZ around 2 years ago… started with 13 volumes in circulation, and following up the rest weekly in YJ. After that, it went into a break because Hiroya Oku needed to give way for “Me-Teru no Kimochi “. The second phase, started in November 22, 2006.

The Second phase started in Osaka Arc, where the group, (now with Kato as Lead and Kurono dead) was suddenly transported into Osaka where they meet another group of hunters. Then, blah blah moar explosions, moar killings, new hot girl character, f*cked up moments and new OMFG Weapons. And oh yeah, there’s this new IMBA guy and teh GANTZ Mecha.

Then, the drift is… remember how I said they do hunts every night?

They are still in Osaka scenario (which is only ONE night) for more than a f’n year! (Nov. 22, 2006 remember?)

Haha, that’s it… RILY

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