Windows Classic

Yesterday, my professor brought his laptop in class. I saw his Windows classic GUI then I realized that same type of people sets up their desktop gui the same way, and the funny thing is… their desktop setup similarities are beyond coincidence.

Oh yeah… this what I observed within my school’s population, though I’m 75% sure it can apply to other PC users as well.

GODS (a.k.a. Hardcore Developers, HAX, or what you people call geeks or nerds)

  • Windows Classic (or doesn’t use Windows at all) / Any Linux Distro
  • Default Blue Background
  • Cluttered Desktop full of source codes, IDE shortcuts, and other dev tools

I noticed that most of the GODS at school uses Windows classic. Yeah, I know it’s memory efficient and stuff, perfect for Moses’ Laptop old computers… but is there a conspiracy that GODS must use Windows Classic?

And my professors uses this setup as well.

Demi-Gods (a.k.a Hax that doesn’t look like one, or with a neat fashion sense)

  • Default (Blue or Royale ) WinXP Style msstyle or Vista’s Aero
  • uses default wallpaper (either by windows or the laptop manufacturer or a neat abstract wallpaper)
  • desktop with less icons and less clutter (everything’s in My Documents)
  • two level start menu
  • calendar apps, docks, etc.

The only difference is these guys uses the default settings, though the clutter were moved to My Documents

Kids (a.k.a. internet scum, 15 year-olds )

Kids are divided into three classifications:

Lesser Weeaboo

  • Modified UI (either Windows Blinds, XPStyle etc.)
  • Anime wallpaper (mainstream shounen: Naruto, Bleach etc.)
  • Shortcuts of Fansub and scanlation folders
  • P2P clients shortcuts
  • Rainlendar thingies, Docks etc.

these are Narutards, that’s all (and guys who spends most of their time in crunchyroll).

kids who spend their nights playing FPS / Racing / Basketball /

  • Silver WinXP msstyle
  • Game / Cars/ Favorite cRapper guy / hot hollywood star / Basketball team wallpaper
  • Shortcuts of games… a lots of it

These are the people that spends most of their time in LAN Parties and plays Bots in their free time.

Normal kids

  • default msstyle, XP or Aero (if A figgin rich bastard, Mac Aqua)
  • default wallpaper or mom, dad and me wallpaper
  • pre-installed software shortcuts

Normal kids that use the PC for studying


  • Modified UI (or uses mac)
  • self-made wallpaper
  • cluttered desktop and my documents
  • shortcuts of Adobe and Macromedia Tools
  • Calendar thingies, Docks etc.

Same with demi gods.. though they excel most in graphic design

I’m on a Band guy

  • Silver WinXP or Zune msstyle
  • Logo of a Rock Band (if user is harcore, indie or some obscure band)
  • Music  tools etc shortcuts on the desktop

I have two friends who got the same setup, and they’re both in a band

Rabid Fans (a.ka. Higher Weeaboo, or Mania)

  • Modified UI (or doesn’t use Windows at all)
  • Moé wallpaper (or some obscure series)
  • cluttered desktop or my documents, except that the icons are placed where you can still see the character’s face.

These guys can be classified as GODS, except that they are stained with weeablood lol

Parents / Adults (in mid 30’s up)

  • Default Windows UI (if rich, Mac Aqua)
  • Picture of his/her children, themselves, colleagues, wife etc. (IT HAS REAL PEOPLE)
  • shortcuts of Work Apps, and pre-installed apps
  • Nearly empty My Documents

I was wondering which category I will fit in…

My Desktop

  • Zune msstyle
  • Anime wallpaper, minus the moé character and the mainstream ones (just a bunch of swords)
  • Less Icons (Recycle Bin, Photoshop, Browser, some games)
  • Dev tool shortcuts hidden in quick launch
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