For the time I spent whoring the internets and lurking in anime blogs, I never failed to see a good review of Aria The Animation and any of its iterations.

During those times, I chose to ignore Aria concluding that it’s “just another moe anime”… I was wrong.

Considering the story is intended for young schoolgirls, the show has a lot of adult fans as well. I usually see raves of this series mostly in good editorial type anime blogs, though there are also episode reviews in episodic anime blogs. At least it’s not in rabid fanboy blogs that is full of fanboy reviews.

What’s interesting is, even if the show drags in a very slow pace like the calm waters of Aqua, it’s not that boring. There’s always something interesting popping in every corner and in every episode. You get to see and feel how the characters and their relationships develop, and how they enjoy their lives in Aqua.

As the first season got licensed, I got the urge to see what Aria is all about. At first, my feelings and interest for the show was wavering. But as it went on, I grew fonder of the show and felt depressed at the end of the first and second seasons.

Now that the story recently came to a close, I really don’t feel like finishing ARIA the ORIGINATION, because it’s depressing to see good stories end.

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One Comment on “ARIA”

  1. TheBigN Says:

    I could say something cheesy like “It’s never over as long as you keep the memories of the fun times you had with it”, but I won’t (:P). ARIA was an interesting and fun experience, and though I’ll miss “new” adventures with Akari and friends, I still have episodes that I can re-watch, and manga that I can wait to have come out. Or so I hope. :3

    Glad that you had a fun time watching ARIA. 🙂

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