Cast of ARIA

Cast of ARIA

With my midterm exams finished, I decided to reward myself with ARIA the ORIGINATION’s last three episodes which is also the end of the ARIA series. As my previous post stated, I was in an inner struggle whether to finish ARIA or not, but heck.. I’d rather see how everyhing turned out rather than just knowing that those three became Primas, and etc, etc, etc.

Now, I am really regretting not watching ARIA during its time. Because shows as good as this must be watched with a week in between. No particular reason at all, it’s just I want to feel the intensity of waiting for another good story the episode has to offer.

It’s been a while since I fanboyed over a particular series, and at least this time, I didn’t fanboyed it over skimpy outfits, hot girls, chichi, oppai, but instead I fanboyed it over the story and the show itself.

During my run of ARIA and all of its Iterations, a lot of things made me love the show. And here are some of them:

First, there’s no one who cannot resist those scenes where the characters are in their SD form.

Another Super Deformed Day at ARIA Company

Another Super Deformed Day at ARIA Company

Second, aside from the “slice of life” feel of the show, it also gives a feeling of laziness or relaxation. So watching ARIA before work or important matters is a no-no because you might get captivated by Akari’s smile and get caught and flow along the calm waters of Aqua.

Akaris smile may cause nosebleeds

Warning: Akari's smile may cause nosebleeds

Next, scenes where they have this kind of expression:


This expression: Moé

For some reason, whenever Alicia and Akari does this, (mostly Akari) my fanboy blood boils and its becoming hard to suppress it. makes me want to scream “AKARI! MOE MOE ZOMG MOEEEEEE!”.

Also, Aika’s famous line: “hazukashii serifu kinshi!”, Aria and Maa’s antics, Alice’s rules, Yui Makino’s Opening Songs for all of the shows (which I am currently playing in an endless loop) and Akino’s pre-Grandma episode.

Now I wonder, where did her original height went?

Now I wonder, where did her original height went?

And most of all, the wonders Neo-Venezia and Aqua has offered.

Well, at the end I still managed to come up with lots of stupid questions such as  WHO THE HELL IS ALICIA’S LUCKY BASTARD HUSBAND? How old is ARIA-sachou? and Where did Grandma’s height went?

It was nice watching ARIA. I will miss it and may Aqua live in our hearts forever.

Now, must buy manga. Must buy manga. Must get ARIA merchandise.

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2 Comments on “More ARIA”

  1. TheBigN Says:

    Grab Season 1 when it comes out! \o

    But I’m glad that you had much fun with ARIA. There’s still another DVD-only episode in ORIGINATION as well, and I need to watch that myself.

  2. sNooZe-kun Says:

    Am planning to. luckily by the time it hit the shelves, I should be earning my own money.

    I saw caps of that episode, its full of Akari goodness. Being an Akari fan, it’s a very good treat.

    Considering DVD releases aren’t finished yet, I might expect for more extra episodes in the future.

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