The AutoRun Monster

RAWR! I'm the AutoRun Monster

RAWR! I'm the Autorun Monster

Almost two months has passed, SUNRISE trolling fans, Anime Summer Season failing miserably, daily quality Family Musou games and the start of a new school term. And here I am blabbing about computers again.

Being a Computer Science Major, I know the computer inside out than most people. From using it, maintenance, troubleshooting and raeping it efficiently. (using its full capabilities without harming the system)

So, what’s the gist? What I’m LOL-ing about is, how people react when they see a Autorun.inf file and how they blame me and my flash drive because their PCs are infected.

So, What are these “Autorun.inf”s?

These little guys are basically a set of instructions associated with Explorer’s AutoRun function.

Why are kids scared shit?

Newer malware developers (Especially ones the infect USB Drives) exploit the Autorun’s disadvantages


Since AutoRun is ON by default, whenever a disc/flash disk is insterted, a software or other shell commands run automatically.

Why kids shouldn’t be scared?

Newer malware are weaker compared to viruses during the Win 95 and 98 era.

Older viruses pretty much kills your system even before you know it and they are very hard to fix (during those time’s technology).

Newer ones just copies itself in the Root drive or system32 folder, show some annoying balloons, hijack your homepage, hoard bandwidth, and wait for another flashdrive so it can copy itself. And the bottom line is, your system is intact, not dead unlike the previous eras.

I even remember cleaning my aunt’s laptop and found hundreds of malware, she even used her laptop for officework for a year. Damages? Minimal. I didn’t even consider reformatting, just basic scanning and cleaning, though I must admit the REGISTRY is so messed up that I had to manually edit the entries

How Autorun.inf is useful?

Autorun.inf is pretty much useful since you get to accessorize your flash disk by adding icons, create your own Maintenance toolkit, by putting various maintenance tools and running commands automatically without even opening Windows Explorer.

Another thing is to help you detect if your disk is infected by a malware. How? add an icon. Use it as you normally use it, if you plug it in your PC and the icon and label is gone, you can assume it’s infected.

So, How do we do it?

open Notepad

type this:



label=My FlashDisk

store the icon in your FlashDisk Root, and viola! you get something like this:

TYPE-MOON fanboyism at its finest

TYPE-MOON fanboyism at its finest


Tackling viruses doesn’t need top notch antivirus programs, popular spyware removers etc, since the biggest hole in a system is the USER. (IN OTHER WORDS, YOU, SIR)

What you only need is Windows Firewall, definitely not an AVG antivirus, and an open mind.

Open Mind

It a site says click me! it’s definitely a site that entices users to download malware. You can browse pr0nz just know what to click and what’s not.

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