Halfway through the CHUNKY fall season

Crazy Shrine Maidens

Kannagi: Armpit Anime

I rarely watch new shows during starts of seasons, I was either doing a monthly rewatch or checking what good stuffs I’ve missed on previous ones. I usually let new shows sit for two or three episodes unless I’ve read/played/seen it and liked it. Also, for some reason, this season is a sequel season, a continuation of Fall 07 which was also a CHUNKY season. And here are my thoughts halfway through this CHUNKY season.

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens – One of the shows I was anticipating since its announcement around June or July. Mainly because it’s A1 pictures + ex-KyoAni staff, and I’ve read it before. And to be honest, I was fanboying the OP animation and its song daily for three weeks. Added: the anime’s title shoud be Kannagi: Yamakan’s Revenge, because of the abundance of KyoAni attacks.

Toradora – I was just starting to read its manga serialization when an anime was announced. I was actually looking for/hoping that Shakugan no Shana’s cast will do the voices for the characters, but at least I got a hit (Kugimiya Rie as Taiga). I see no bad things during its five-week run, except that Yui Horie’s voice is still annoying. Added: Meh, its comedy value is decreasing forno particular reason. Oh well.

Akane-Iro Somaru Saka – When this was announced, I was surprised at its all-star cast. But, meh Hirano’s there, and for some reason, I feel that some of the voice castings are kinda off, Tanaka Rie as an Idol character? and Aya Hirano as a little sister? Actually I was thinking that Kugimiya Rie’s character is off too, then I realized that her character is still Tsundere (lol). Unusually, anime adaptations of eroge turns out to be good and this has a potential of being one of them. There are minor “QUALITY” moments, and the director seems to love suggestive camera angles.

Chaos;HEAd – Nitro+… check. A fucked up Protagonist that seems to have some psychological problems… check. and MOE GIRLS + HUGE ASS WEAPONRY, check. The show was introduced as a psychological thriller show, with those fucked up stuff happening and the Protagonist’s delusions, that’s good IMO but current episodes and the OP suggests shounen anime type fighting (which I don’t like). I’m still puzzled on what direction this show will take. But heck, I started it why not finish it? Added: I just realized that this was animated by Madhouse. WTF? MADHOUSE? QUALITY? what happened?

CLANNAD after story – I am currently following the  BS-i version, since I regret watching CLANNAD last time 70% of its full glory (4:3, tbs version). Its currently in its usual dramanime laggy start, so I’ll probably let it stack up before watching it, like what I did with Kanon.

ef a tale of melodies Last fall’s ef a tale of memories was a series a watched on a whim, that turned out to be very good and likable. I’ve thought of various reasons why a lot of people discovered its later. First, it was done by SHAFT (popular for mindless comedy). Second, first two – three episodes suffered severely from dramanime laggy syndrome. And lastly they don’t understand various symbolisms found in the series and also one of the main reasons why ef-memo was a very good series.

Shakugan no Shana Third To Aru Majutsu no Index – J.C. Staff’s temporary replacement for Shana, I was seriously expecting a Third season announcement last April 1 (Second was announced April 1, 2007), but nothing came. Anyway, the show feels Shana-like, the cast are Shana-like, the plot seems Shana-like, they end episodes Shana-like and even the OP is Shana-like. and did I say their enconter is also Shana-like? and lastly, Kamijo is Yuuji-like.

Tales of the Abyss – On my short list of finished JRPGs, 60% of them are from the Tales series. I also played Abyss because I was fanboying over Tears. The show seems fast if you played the game, but since it’s an anime its not covering all nooks and crannies of the game. Playing is playing and watching is watching. And yeah, Halko Momoi’s (Anies) in the cast too.

MIchiko e Hatchin – its been a while since manglobe released a series. from Hip-Hop Samurai, their moving to Latinas. And also, I really dig journey type stories.

Nodame Cantabile: Paris-Hen – I never finished the first season, but I do finished the Live Action which is actually better than the animated one (Stresseman FTW). I moved to the animated Paris Chapter since the Live Action’s Paris chapter is quite short.

Ga-Rei Zero – Main reasons of watching this: Minori Chihara and Norio Wakamoto. and LOL everyone died at episode one, and I think I’ll probably wait for an uncensored version. Added: I realized by the next few episodes that Section 4 wasn’t the main characters, they are just sacrifices just to prove the awesomeness of the main characters. Damn, what a waste of hots.

Rosario to Vampire CAPU2 – Srsly, I should’nt be watching this GONZO crap. The only reason this was on my list is because of Nana Mizuki and its Music. The first season failed me for not offering me Tsukune’s GAR Moments but this season’s ending animation suggests Tsukune’s vampire form. And yeah, I was fanboying over DISCOTHEQUE.

And there’s lots of Games too, I’ll probably write about it after I bought and played my FALL game offerings and because most of my choices will be relased late November and early December.

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