Komikon 09

a part of the official poster, stolen from their official site haha

stolen a part of the official poster, stolen from their official site haha

I rarely go to local conventions, mainly because I hate the massive SQUASQUA attendance. Even “just standing by in a con”, I was  labeled,  as lolfanboy by a stupid host in a certain stupid webcast. Now, enough with the histories and to the topic: Komikon: 09.

Komikon’s main purpose is for the local comics industry, pay homage to our comic history, and to help upcoming and indie artists. DC, Marvel and Mangoes are only added stuff in there.

At 1pm, going up the escalator, I was already expecting SQUASQUA loitering around and sporting their COSFAILS, but to my surprise, I only saw fatpeoplewithcamera, normal people, and oldwesterncomicfanboys. The only eyecancer that I had to endure is a fag wearing a Kagamine Len costume while sporting HAIRS ON HIS LEGS. FFFFFFFFFF.

Yeah, something like this

Yeah, something like this

Another funny thing is, the marshall, doesn’t want me to get the FHM complimentary copy saying: “No, no. You’re still a minor”, I said: “I’m a full pledged SARARIMAN”, and she retorted that I am a highschooler. I lol’ed and said that I’m already 21 and thanked her that she still thinks that I still look like a highschooler.

Entering the Hall I see the divisions, 40% weeaboo stuff, 40% western, 20% local. All of the stuff  “we own” are stuck in the corner, everything in the middle are shops and on the left side are weeaboo stuff. At least it still got the them “Comics”, except we’re sort of losing the main theme: FILIPINO Komiks Convention. Even the 100 years of Komiks History gallery is stuck in a corner.

Another good section of the Con is the Indie Comic guys, I felt nostalgia as I saw that some guys from Culture Crash (Yay! Kubori Kikiam) and another-comic-that-I-forgot-the-name-except-that-it-has-the-word-“chips”-in-it, there are also new guys that sells their works printed in lolcouponbonds which I didn’t get to see since 75php is too expensive for like 20 pages of bondpaper lol. I suggest that they photocopy it instead and sell it 10 or 20php.

I was supposed to turn this day in to a shopping spree, considering SM is on a sale today and I see lol 100php mangoes and GO BEERKADA. But, I think my entertainment funds is well spent on TRESE.

<insert pic of spoils here. sux2bme for not bringing a camera>

From the start, I actually have no intention of buying TRESE, was instead locked on to Beerkada and probably fetch some 100php mangoes on those boxes hoping to find an obscure series no SQUASQUA will buy. But after skimming the copy that was open, I found out that this is great stuff: SEINEN, DARK, LOLREFERENCES, MANLY, exactly my favorite stuff. I guess, I’ll do a review sometime.

And, in the end I forgot to buy that latest GO BEERKADA. Oh well, at least I get to shake hands with Budjette Tan, cracked a joke with KaJo Baldisimo and get my copies signed. Damn, if only they were selling Budjette Tan’s cool polo shirt. Lastly, why is there a PIRATED ANIMU booth there? THIS IS KOMIKON DAMMIT, KO-MI-KON.

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3 Comments on “Komikon 09”

  1. RJ Says:


    Hey, that’s me!

  2. schneider Says:

    But RJ, you’re not old~

  3. Shance Says:

    People in their twenties are still considered young lol.

    Reminds of the the Ground Zero people, the Questor manga people, and the CC people.

    Sigh… the good times… now they’re gone…

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