Flirting Railgun: this is not my BiriBiri

Mizoguchi Keiji's Icha Icha Railgun

Due to the C77 hype, I was craving for a A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN doujin. Therefore, I got this set of short stories from a recommendation.

The premise of this set of short stories is Mikoto being flirty with Touma, hence the title. However as I read the story, it seems that I’m losing the BiriBiri I know. Even though you can see the qualities of BiriBiri that she loves to hide, as I progress throughout the story all of the things that come out of my mouth are “wat?”, “wat!?” and “WAT!?”

The BiriBiri I know (limited to Index animu and Railgun animu/mangoos), as much as possible tries to hide her cute side to everyone, (as seen in her own series) specially Touma. As whenever she sees Touma, you know that a battle will ensue. But, here in Ichaicha Railgun she clings to Touma and let’s here cute side loose.

Moreover, Touma never viewed BiriBiri as love interest (all of the Index girls actually). So, that last part was a lolwut moment.

At least, the pencil arts at the end are nice, specially this Saten-san, which warrants 4 out of 6 ERICHES

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3 Comments on “Flirting Railgun: this is not my BiriBiri”

  1. Shance Says:

    Actually, this Biribiri is semi-canon after she *SPOILER* and finally *SPOILER* him. Of course, this sets up the cute flag for the Derebiri route.

  2. mjsnoozer Says:

    hmm, that makes me want to spoil myself a bit and get the novels.

    • pacojrf Says:

      you’re not really spoiling yourself if you get the novels though.. since they’re the original after all..

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