Munito x Munita: “Because My Friends Love Me, I Now Have to Watch Umi ga Kikoeru”

Umi ga Kikoeru

Finally, we get to see some waves

Whenever I watch something, my mind automatically process through all the tropes I know and try to conjure up possible scenarios I may face, and the ending that I might see.

However, this is not the case with Umi ga Kikoeru.

As I start to watch any show, my mind tend to start doing various calculations on what will I expect to see in this show. Hence, I can happily start skimming and still understand the whole point of the story. Umi ga Kikoeru is like a very long  joke, full of building up, building up, and building up then, punchline. If attempt to skip, these foundations that was built up may topple and the impact of the climax will be lost.

"I knew you were holding back on my account"

First of all, Umi ga Kikoeru (Ocean Waves) is slow, in a very relaxing way. It actually reminded me of Kimagure Orange Road, partly because it’s old and has a love triangle as theme. The show pretty much shows what exactly is “slice of life”, no grandiose stuff mixed in, just plain high schoolers, their way of life, and their growth. This made everything in latest slice-of-life highschool drama seem equivalent to Hollywood explosions.

"Ahh, that's when I knew..."

The story is driven by flashbacks, each scene allows us to get closer to the people let us enter their world. And Taku, also reminds me of my old (uncorrupted) self: easygoing, can’t say no to girls/friends, spontaneous and goes along with the flow. This is probably the reason I got inside the story really quickly.

As I progress throughout the movie, I always hope that I will see something whenever a scene ends. Who will confess first? Will I see something flashy?

First, Tokyo travel. Confession chance, high. Something goes BOOM, high. What happened, NONE. Character development, YES. If I were in Taku’s shoes, I’m pretty sure my (uncorrupted) past self will pretty much do the same.

Next, back to school. Introduced some rifts here. I’m pretty sure this is just preparation for something big that will hit me next, however it ended at that.

Finally, timeskip.

At this point of the story, I was still picking out scenarios from the cards that I drew based on my calculations: Rikako is/is to be married, Taku is/is to be married, Rikako is married to Yutaka… are just some of what I thought of, since whenever a potential couple “nearly” sees each other with a train between them (insert 5cm per Second reference here) it always ends without the couple not getting together.

"I'd always been crazy about her"

The movie ended with a punchline, quite effective I say. It’s just Taku and Rikako not being honest with themselves. Ah~ the joys of puberty.

And yes, all of my drawn up possible scenarios didn’t even hit the mark.


This is part of the Munito x Munita series from Filanibloggers. I got this one from ghostlighting. I’d say it’s lucky draw since I enjoyed the movie.

I was planning to put LOLWTF animus in the lottery but I forgot what shows I considered LOLWTF… so, I just put in some stuff that I just saw recently in my Hard Drive. (Rizelmine, Hanaukyo Maid Team, and REC)

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2 Comments on “Munito x Munita: “Because My Friends Love Me, I Now Have to Watch Umi ga Kikoeru””

  1. foomafoo Says:

    I think I should watch this. I read much about this from bianki’s and I think it’s interesting, since it’s about coming of age.

    Plus you mentioned Kimagure.

    • mjsnoozer Says:

      the main reason Kimagure popped in my mind was because it’s old, other details came after.

      Watching Ocean Waves made me speechless, and that’s the reason for that very short post.

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