Full time OTARIIMAN is another attempt to rename this blog (curse you other people for taking all the cool names) and show that making myself a part-time hikkikomori failed.

Part-time Hikkikomori is a renaming to celebrate the idle times I look forward on spending after school. Except that, I’ll probably find myself idling more than writing. And yes, Bandwidth Whoring 101 seriously sounds stupid.

Bandwidth Whoring 101 is a collection of random blahs, tips and ticks on how to hoard bandwidth for wapanese stuff and other topics about wapanese subculture. Bandwidth Whoring 101 also contains random woes of mjsnoozer based on his personal life like school, work and the internets.

Bandwidth Whoring 101 is created to commemorate my new Internet Connection. I finally graduated from 56k, ahh~ those 11+ years are fun. Although, I’m still in 384k, not on par with todays 100gbits connections but, It preeeeeeeetty much gets my job done. Except, that I can’t give “bad internet connection” as an excuse now.

Bandwidth Whoring 101 was supposed to be called LOL, Rabid Fangirls! (hence the url). A blog that was supposed to bash local fangirls that are lurking in the internets for the sole purpose of ranting about their junk reviews about random fangirl animes that they’ve seen in crunchylol. (and uses the internet for the sole purpose of accessing their social app accounts).


All images are shamelessly stolen from owned by their proper copyright owners unless stated otherwise.

All series, characters and stuff featured here are owned by their proper copyright owners unless stated otherwise

About the Author

mjsnoozer is a student that is probably on his way of becoming a hikkikomori. failed to become a hikkikomori

is a winrar of various speed/quantity eating contests, named siomai and hotdog king, and boodle master.

is actually a water mammal.

watches documentaries (like mating lions, mating monkeys, and mating insects), animu and mangoos.

favorite genres/sub-genres are dystopia, psychological, horror, cyberpunk, steampunk, medieval fantasy and moe.

thinks that josei manga is more intense than H-manga.

is a lurker that loves sniping posters and bashing children


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