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Ace Attorney Series

April 3, 2008

This kept me from writing here in the last few weeks.

Ace Attorney, at first glance is a game that looks sucky but doesn’t turn out to be sucky at all… who wants to be a lawyer anyway?  In this game you play as someone that even lawyers hate, a lawyer with a murder case.

Casual gamers might find this boring due to being text-driven, and use of logic instead of reflexes.

There are a lot of interesting stuff I found in the Ace Attorney Series. First is, the English localization was quite interesting because the localization team put a lot of internet memes as references, ORLY and sparta to name a few.

Second, puns in the character’s names, which I will not explain here since you can find it in the internets.

Third, the story. each case can be seen as a story by itself, but you’ll later find out that it’s actually a piece of a very big picture.

Fourth, a legal system where the witness, the prosecutor or the judge is most likely the murderer.

Fifth, Cool Lawyer Artifacts and Powers. Phoenix’s Psyche-Locks and Apollo’s lie-detecting bracelet thingy.

Sixth, hot girls. except Wendy Oldbag.

Seventh, GAR Prosecutors. Edgeworth and Godot. except Payne that is.

Lastly, Gumshoe, Maya and Pearls antics.

Since I finally finished Apollo Justice a few days back, I guess I’ll play as a doctor now in Trauma Center. Intense Court Sessions, done. Intense Surgeries, here I come!