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June 25, 2008

For the time I spent whoring the internets and lurking in anime blogs, I never failed to see a good review of Aria The Animation and any of its iterations.

During those times, I chose to ignore Aria concluding that it’s “just another moe anime”… I was wrong.

Considering the story is intended for young schoolgirls, the show has a lot of adult fans as well. I usually see raves of this series mostly in good editorial type anime blogs, though there are also episode reviews in episodic anime blogs. At least it’s not in rabid fanboy blogs that is full of fanboy reviews.

What’s interesting is, even if the show drags in a very slow pace like the calm waters of Aqua, it’s not that boring. There’s always something interesting popping in every corner and in every episode. You get to see and feel how the characters and their relationships develop, and how they enjoy their lives in Aqua.

As the first season got licensed, I got the urge to see what Aria is all about. At first, my feelings and interest for the show was wavering. But as it went on, I grew fonder of the show and felt depressed at the end of the first and second seasons.

Now that the story recently came to a close, I really don’t feel like finishing ARIA the ORIGINATION, because it’s depressing to see good stories end.


Windows Classic

May 30, 2008

Yesterday, my professor brought his laptop in class. I saw his Windows classic GUI then I realized that same type of people sets up their desktop gui the same way, and the funny thing is… their desktop setup similarities are beyond coincidence.

Oh yeah… this what I observed within my school’s population, though I’m 75% sure it can apply to other PC users as well.


Golden Rules of “Action” Shounen anime/manga

January 20, 2008

This is part one of my “shounen cliche” series. I already have Action Shounen and Shounen Romance, and I’m thinking of writing about Shounen Sports too.

I usually say shounen crap here, shounen crap there, just for the sake of argument, though I read some myself. (yes, I don’t watch) It’s just that I really don’t like those rabid fangirls that squeals here and squeal there saying <insert character here> is uber cool, not knowing why <this character> is cool and not even knowing what “uber” means.

Most of the anime/manga fans grew up with Dragonball or <insert action shounen series here> so, we all have “shounen action fan” blood with us.

But, most of current series are merely DBZ iterations or follows the DBZ formula or basic shounen anime rules. they just change the setting to ninjas, exorcists, basketball players, boxers etc.

I’m really not sure who set up the standards in action shounen, though in every angle it’s pretty much DragonBall.

So it turns out that Naruto is Goku that became a ninja and instead of his hair turning blond, (hey, his hair’s yellow in the first place) he grows tails instead, and BLEACH is just a fashionable DragonBall with swords, youkai instead of alien monkeys and random mexican terms.

Note that older action shounen series deviate from these rules btw. Most of them just follows a common enemy throughout the series, and instead of arcs, it is divided into generations. (sons, grandsons etc.) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Hokuto no Ken are examples. While others are in one goal per one or two episode format like City Hunter or Detective Conan. But old action shounen series can be classified as seinen this days due to their graphic nature. (Though some still mistake seinen series as shounen like Cowboy Bebop). So, how do we quickly differentiate Shonen and Seinen? Both has fanservice right? and of course boob shots in onsen or bath episodes.. check the boobs, if it has nipples it’s seinen, if there’s none it’s shonen.

Extra note: older series tend to do the one story per 1~3 episode format and does one big arc (4~up episode) as season/series enders.

Here are the rules I compiled, not entirely complete, but I guess most of it catches the basics. I provided examples from modern shounen series so that you can visualize it.

Edit: Cleaned the article because it’s sooooooo effin’ messy.

Another note: I increased my Shounen knowledge during my break and read a lot of popular and uncommon titles as well.

Moar notes: you must hate me for having lotsa notes.. but it looks like my layout is screwed in Firefox and IE. (I use Opera lol) some words are hidden in the background. If a sentence doesn’t make sense, there are usually words hiding on the far right though some are grammatical errors.


Hayate no Gotoku Episode 39

January 11, 2008

Being an epic episode having Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as its main anime reference, and having GAINAX helping Synergy SP with this episode, there are also plenty of things that are in this episode, especially the title designs around the stadium.

Edit: Haha, looks like I missed one title design. I added it at the end and I added the original logos for reference as well.

I’ve cut the page for it to be Third-World internet friendly. XD (Coz I use one myself)


Momoi Haruko

December 24, 2007

After watching Seto no Hanayome’s IDOL battle episode and hearing Seto Sun’s version of “your gravitation”, I quickly became a fan of Momoi Haruko.

Her voice is quite unique… aside from giving me some kicks while listening to her songs, it also makes me unconsciously do quick body snaps (in short, dance) along with the beat. XD (well, thats when I notice people are looking at me in the train)

I didn’t even know that she was a member of UNDER17 (DearS and Kujibiki Unbalance anyone?) until I googled it when I felt something similar when Kujibiki Unbalance suddenly played in WinAmp.

There’s one thing that I must say, her voice doesn’t quite fit with her looks, especially during her UNDER17 days, check her English fansite for pics. Well, at least she looks better now and she just became 30 last Dec 14 XD. (She somehow reminds me of my aunt lol )

I just got some of her new ones from avex entertainment courtesy of black magic, (lol I’m poor) The first ones are Rumika, (pictured above) Hi-Energy (along with Nogawa Sakura) from Kawaii! JeNny (a show about dolls they say.. not sure if its animu) and a mini album from Seto no Hanayome: SUNSHINE which features Seto Sun Versions of the Theme Songs and her character song, brand new mind.

euphoric field (“Engrish” TV-EDIT cho2)

December 21, 2007

Being a sucker for anime that came from visual novels (which are usually dramanimes), I went to check ef – a tale of memories.

The first episode did not give quite a big impact, but seeing how screwed up the story’s pace was and SHAFT’s unique way of animating, (as seen in Negima!? and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) it sparked my interest.

Seeing how the story pick up pace in the second episode, I officially added it to my playlist and aside from the anime itself, I am more interested in the Opening (was ED in Ep 2) sequence (and its horrible Engrish).

Here’s the fun part,

This is the “REAL” lyrics
This is what I hear
This is what I think

Fly high, make it
Get to the new world that I seek
Someday, so I believe

Don’t look back to the sorrow I left behind
Here’s my real intention I hide
I wish you were here, and so just right by my side
I wish you were here and so jello by my side
I wish you were here and so jello by my side
Need to be strong enough to swallow my pride
Need to be doorknob to sorrow my fry
Need to be doorknob to swallow my pie

I have been looking for my own style
Don’t give it up, here comes the life
I have been looking for my own sky
Don’t give her up, here comes the lie

Be alive, take it
Promise to find, yes I will
Shining wings filled with wishes
Here I, take it
Promise to find, yes I will
Shining priss filled with fishies

Here I, take it
Promise to find, yes I will
Shining face filled with feces fishies

Fly high, make it
Get to the new world that I seek
Someday, so I believe

Euphoric Field replaced Bouken, Desho Desho?as the song that always play first in my WinAmp. Even though its English pronunciation was quite so-so, It has a relaxing tune that keeps me at ease.