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Momoi Haruko

December 24, 2007

After watching Seto no Hanayome’s IDOL battle episode and hearing Seto Sun’s version of “your gravitation”, I quickly became a fan of Momoi Haruko.

Her voice is quite unique… aside from giving me some kicks while listening to her songs, it also makes me unconsciously do quick body snaps (in short, dance) along with the beat. XD (well, thats when I notice people are looking at me in the train)

I didn’t even know that she was a member of UNDER17 (DearS and Kujibiki Unbalance anyone?) until I googled it when I felt something similar when Kujibiki Unbalance suddenly played in WinAmp.

There’s one thing that I must say, her voice doesn’t quite fit with her looks, especially during her UNDER17 days, check her English fansite for pics. Well, at least she looks better now and she just became 30 last Dec 14 XD. (She somehow reminds me of my aunt lol )

I just got some of her new ones from avex entertainment courtesy of black magic, (lol I’m poor) The first ones are Rumika, (pictured above) Hi-Energy (along with Nogawa Sakura) from Kawaii! JeNny (a show about dolls they say.. not sure if its animu) and a mini album from Seto no Hanayome: SUNSHINE which features Seto Sun Versions of the Theme Songs and her character song, brand new mind.