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Random Genshiken Blahs

January 4, 2008

I’ve just finished reading Genshiken’s last manga volume sometime before news year’s day which I bought on a whim even if I only have scans of the previous volumes.

I was satisfied with its ending in which the characters’ life after Genshiken was already set, seniors getting jobs, Madarame kinda fulfilling his last wish, Ogiue solving her problems while getting hooked with Sasahara and where I finally get to see Saki’s cosplay pics. (uh, well not all, but some) I hope the anime intensifies it further, if they have enough episodes for that. Considering episode 11 is still a part of the manga’s Volume 7… A Movie/OVA finale perhaps?

Genshiken’s second anime season was quite intense having a H Anime Studio ARMS doing it *cough Episode 5 *cough (well, not only 5 but there are also some service shots of Ohno). Studio ARMS is known for Wordsworth, La Blue Girl, Another Lady Innocent, Ikkitousen’s second season nd I think they did Elfen Lied too. And, also the first season’s studio was Palm Studio (Palm, ARMS… get it? lol)

Even though the second season gave a “not for Genshiken Noobs” vibe at the start, suceeding episodes, IMO are understandable at a new watcher’s point of view, except that is if they have no prior knowledge of the Japanese sub-culture. or less understanding (those guys that usually have Action Shounen animu as their tops).

Extra: I stumbled on this while rereading those Genshiken manga scans… and I definitely agree with it. *cough Moe *cough