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Shounen Romance Rules

February 10, 2008

After writing those “Action “Shounen Rules, I am writing another part of the “shounen cliche” series: Shounen Romance. (Harem included)

Now, I think about it. Valentines is also coming up. So, this is a great topic for the season.

I really don’t know which series set the bars, but in my manga reading experience.. the oldest one I’ve read is I”s a great manga by Masakazu Katsura, and is the post header image.

Ok, I know this is not complete. I may have forgotten or doesn’t know some things, feel free to comment for corrections and/or additions.

Note: First draft is an emphasis to the characters first. Will add more in the near future.

Edit: Kinda started the plotlines part, and edited some of the grammar mistakes I can find.